Algae for Ethanol eBook

This book is a how to manual of algae for ethanol conversion process. It is meant to allow investors and others just interested in the process to have a peek inside this new technology and potential gold mine industry. This is not a book on how to make ethanol in your bath tub; rather you will learn how it is done at home, small scale, and large-scale, and why this new technology is so important to the energy future of not only this country, but the world.

This book is set up to assist you in the following ways

To thoroughly understand the algae to ethanol process as well as the fundamentals of alcohol fermentation.
The different algal strain for Ethanol
Where to buy algae strains.
Build a home ethanol still for personal production.
To thoroughly prepare you to successfully buy an ethanol still.
To guide you through the process of building and setting up a small scale ethanol plant.
To guide you in building and setting up a large scale ethanol plant.
To help you understand the legal requirements related to ethanol production.
To advise on the local and federal government tax breaks available to you to start.
A resource guide to get most parts and equipment.
Detailed reference sources to get further information.

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